The Turnbull Government announced funding cuts of university and an increase of the university fees.

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The Turnbull Government announced funding cuts of university and an increase of the university fees.


The government was acknowledged as keeping targeting on young people, which was leading to a protest held by National Union of Students on May 17, 2017.


Protesters shouted, “no cuts, no fees, no corporate universities” outside the Victoria State Library.


The protest was also held outside Melbourne in Sydney, Canberra and Perth.


“I think education should be free again, just like back to 70s when I did it. I think government is keeping attacking young people instead of the wealthy,” said Jenny Gilding a mother of three children.


“I’m a domestic student, so my university fees were covered by HECS project. It’s really disgusting just because there’s not much job available, and I must pay my HECS scheme a lot of sooner. I think young people have other enquiries for their life, such as settling down, buying a house and feeding themselves,” said Emilia Megroz a domestic student in Monash University.


A lecturer from University of Melbourne Sagar Sanyal said in general, education should be free, because the country is wealthy enough to make education free, the HECS scheme is not necessary.


“People didn’t realize their extended state to do until they start working. Basically, increasing the private course fees without student realize it until it’s too late. It’s a really insidious thing to do,” said Mr Sanyal.


All Australian young people have their rights to access to the education freely which they are interested in.


Now situation is the rich are easy to get access to the universities and get good job easily, said Miss Megroz.


Education is good for the citizens and it is also to know the world better. More and more young people should get education, said Mr Sanyal.


“For fixing the job issue, I think the government should take the responsibility for this – to create more jobs, if business can’t create enough jobs, the government has to,” said Mr Sanyal.


The government tend to reduce the tax of the wealthy and the corporations and try to increase taxes elsewhere. They should tax other corporations instead of universities.


The universities can tell their employees that government has cut the funding fees and make it an excuse to rise the fees on students, said Mr Sanyal.


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