Is project Play Me, I’m Yours still working healthy in Melbourne?

Is project Play Me, I’m Yours still working healthy in Melbourne?

Reported by Han Jin 

屏幕快照 2017-05-05 下午1.45.08.pngToby Gould and the only piano in Arts Center Melbourne. Photo by Han Jin


The international program “Play Me, I’m Yours” – free piano lessons was held again in Melbourne during the April 2017.


As a project which was for attracting people to feel welcome to the Arts Center Melbourne earlier now become an event to encourage spontaneous playing, said Toby Gould, the Visitor Experience Team Leader of Arts Center Melbourne.


The idea of “Play Me, I’m Yours” was first created and toured globally since 2008. The international artist, Luke Jerram said, he came up with this idea from visiting his local launderette since he saw no one greets even there were the same people every week.


Putting pianos into space was the solution of Mr. Jerram to make people in different communities into a conversation and dynamic of a space.


The pianos were first launched in Melbourne in 2014. The event caused a sensation once in Melbourne. But how does it develop in 2017?


“There is only one piano in Arts Center Melbourne providing free piano lessons in Melbourne. We have sent most of the pianos around Melbourne. We can have about 20 people an hour during the busy days this time. We hope we can keep the project alive in the future”, said Mr. Gould.


A free land musician, who is teaching in this project, Jo Abbott said, the reason why she taught music here was she was a part of the runners of this project.


She enjoyed the teaching here because the project provided the opportunity for people to play and have interaction with each other.


“We started again this year in January, there are surely many people leave me deep impressions. It’s nice to been here. Hopefully, there would be more pianos around the city and free lessons for people, the piano is painted so beautiful”, said Ms. Abbott.


A student from ACU major in teaching, Lydia Liu showed her enthusiastic for piano and this project. She said this was the third time she had attended this free lesson this month.


“This project was held successfully and provide a perfect opportunity to communicate with people who enjoy the music. I just knew this project this month”, said Miss. Liu.


An outdoor educator and a free musician, Duke Autret knew “Play Me, I’m Yours” from his partner, who actually worked for this project. He came today just for taking this lesson.


Mr. Autret said, he played guitar usually, so he had learnt a lot of piano from this free lesson. Since the project has been larger size and successful, he hopes the project can still carry out consistently.


Mr. Gould said they would decide whether they should continue this project after 29th April.


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