Should organizers of public festivals lower the price of events tickets?

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The public festivals are now in full swing. Some controversies about the tickets price are raging on.

“I think fashion show is targeted particularly for people who enjoys fashion, but then anyone can enjoy it because fashion is for everybody. Besides, I think everybody has their rights to learn new culture and lifestyle through the shows”, says Nadiva Shafira Nadya, a student attended Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival from Monash University.

Wenonah Barber from Queensland booked her tickets of The Breakfast Club on the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival website and she thinks it is worth to attend this event because the environment and food were wonderful.

The price should not be screwed down. She believes that everyone want to go to events are suitable for their class. And she would like to events with nice people and nice environment, Miss Barber says.

Joanne Graggains, the official staff of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival says they are not able to comment on the pricing because there are too many different pricing strategies to different events. The team has already made the ticket prices as low as possible.

“We can’t adjust the ticket price anymore, because there are so many factors need to be considered. We have to take charge of the space expenses, the promotion and other materials”, says Miss Graggains.

Opportunities currently exist to volunteer with these festivals such as Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. A volunteer Kim Dutheil from Comedy Festival team says, the comedy shows that she takes charge are not expensive, everybody who love comedy show are able to come. Different events have different price so that they can meet the needs of people in different classes.

As Kim takes charge of the leaflet job, she has to stay outside and send leaflets to promote the shows. “It’s very difficult to watch a comedy show without ticket even I am a volunteer, but maybe because I take care of the leaflet. If you got a job part inside, maybe you can”, says Miss Dutheil.

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An analysis of the controversy whether organizers should lower the ticket price or not. Answers were collected from a range of people from different groups. The questionnaire was conducted on SurveyMonkey.

Reported by Han Jin


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