Would be more retail or less retail in Chapel St precinct?

The famous fashion street Chapel Street does not have its own personality in recent years. There are little changes happened on Chapel Street after the Chapel reVision carrying on. People would like to give some advice to local community for upgrading this street.


There was no big change on this street. Chapel Street was quite basic area for shopping and living, but it was not as special and attractive as it used to be; and traffic was very congested, said a residence that lives down this street.

IMG_8811.JPGCongested traffic on Chapel St


“I would hope so, but I haven’t heard anything about the plan. I would like to see more. We are having a little bit difficulties on some of the updating they are doing now, but that’s disrupted business”, said Danny Ehrlich, the owner of the Cisco’s world of coffee.


“Chapel Street is no longer a retail shop area or a retail food area, it become more a like night time alcohol precinct and restaurant precinct. I would say I was hoping it should be more retail”, said Danny Ehrlich.


Danny Ehrlich said local government or community should encourage more retail shops to settle on Chapel Street. Local community should limit the alcohol and restaurant licenses and Chapel Street should go back to a retail precinct.


The first upgrading plan about Chapel St was Chapel Vision Structure Plan 2007-2031 for the Chapel Activity Centre. Chapel reVision was the latest upgrading project, which started from 2014.


Chapel reVision contributed to guide a range of important aspects including development, land use, movement, public realm/open space, strategic opportunities and economic/social planning and sustainability.


Opposition speaker the owner of the Union Heights on Chapel Street Frank Mincone said, there should be a decrease in the rents charge in Chapel Street. Property owners were still stuck in the values of retail. Local community should encourage and attract more new small businesses in mainstream. It could bring new colour and life and make shops in this area more competitive.


“I’m not sure what community can do, but I think it’s more on the landlords need to drop of their rents than anything. Because if you can’t have reasonable rents, you’re not gonna fill the shops. And that’s why have been empty shops for over years”, said Frank Mincone.


Danny Ehrlich said Chapel Street had changed since the recent ten years. This precinct should go back to the old days.


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