News Story 1

The first Cat Café in Australia was relocated in Melbourne city in late July.

Naita Loughran, the one of the owners, originally opened this first Cat Café with her partner in July 2014.IMG_7578.JPG

Naita Loughran was stroking her cat in Cat Café.


Mhairi Roberts from RSPCA said that RSPCA would consider the conditions of the people who want to adopt a cat. They would do everything they can to help as many cats enter shelter and get the second chance.

The 16 cats from this Cat Café were all adopted from different welfare organisations. Most of the cats were from rescue shelters, Naita said.

They also worked closely with The Lost Dog’s Home, in North Melbourne, and the Geelong Animal Welfare Society, in Geelong.

The Cat Café pay for annual registration fees with the city council and annual injections with callouts of vets. Moreover, 16 cats can produce a big cost of the litter.

However, the Cat Café got sponsors from Hills science diet. They do not have to pay the food.

Selecting cats was a challenge for them. Naita said that they had to ensure the cats were suitable when they chose cats from the shelters.

Naita and her partner tried to adopt cats with right personality, which seemed like to interact with people and get along well with other cats.

Naita mentioned that they were suffered judgments and biases when they first opened this café.

“We have people giving us one star ratings for exploiting the animals sort of thing, but they never actually visit us. We find that people do visit us they don’t have that opinion cause they can see how happy these cats are and how well looked after they are”, said Naita.


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